Hello from the new Principal

Hi, my name is Alex Pett and I am proud to say that I will be the new Principal at Logic from this September. I have actually been with Logic since the beginning, having taught both computer science and A-Level maths. I already know many of the students at Logic and look forward to working with all of our community over the coming years.

So what is my plan for next year?

Firstly, and as will always be the case, we will continue the never ending task of lesson development. Providing high quality lessons that are relevant to modern living, allows students to connect to their future.

Secondly, to reestablish our Employer Engagement offer, post pandemic. This for me is what makes us who we are, it is the difference between going to school and coming to Logic. Establishing strong links with employers, both locally and nationally, gives our students exposure to the widest range of aspirant destinations. We will also continue to work on teaching ‘professional competencies’ such as leading people and collaboration, the skills that make you successful in any field.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, communication. Being clear, concise and consistent with our messaging keeps everyone together as we move forward. But more than this, it is the open communication that we encourage from our community that helps build strong supportive relationships. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us about any matter you feel we can support you with. 

Alex Pett

This message is also available as a video.