The exam factory

The ‘exam factory’ is now in full swing across all Year groups at the school. Year 11 have had a busy week with English, History, Computer Science, Maths and Geography exams whilst Year 13 have started Business A-level and BTEC IT. Students in Year 12 have sat their Core Maths exam whilst others are now busy preparing for end of year assessments. Year 10 are beginning the process of preparing for these assessments too.

Next week is the last of this half term which can only mean one thing, Personal Development week is here again. We have a number of different activities on so please make sure you are aware of any changes to the school day. These have been outlined below.

As seems to be ever present in the national and international news cycle, it seems we are a world in turmoil. The continuing war in Ukraine and the diplomatic fallout from this. The ongoing actions of the Israeli army in Gaza with many thousands of lives being lost and families being displaced. Potential Chinese espionage on the increase. These all present reasons to be fearful for our future. What seems never to be reported are stories of success and happiness. As I walk the school and see students in Year 10-13 playing football with each other, or groups of students in Key Stage 4 playing Uno together or Year 12 students organising a ‘Cultural Feast’ to raise money for cancer charities I cannot help but think that this should be the mainstay of our news cycle. Kindness, positivity and collectivism, though on a small scale I think we must do more to remind ourselves of these actions.

Alex Pett

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