Year 11 Results 2023

Unlike the national picture, Logic has seen no downturn in GCSE results, in fact, quite the opposite!

Returning to education after the disruption of COVID, this cohort of students have had to work incredibly hard to make up lost ground. We are incredibly proud of all they have achieved and have enjoyed celebrating individual success stories throughout the day. 

Our top performing students Diana (9,9,8,8,8,7,D*,D*), Eshana (8,8,8,7,7,7,D*,D*) and Sahiba (9,8,8,7,7,4,D*,D*) have shown that consistent hard work and dedication to study really does allow you to achieve incredible results. These students have such a close friendship and have spurred each other on to success. 

Our top performing departments have been in our specialisms of Creative Media and Business, with grades on average a grade higher than national. Students in Spanish achieved on average half a grade above national and in maths 0.2 of a grade above national.