Curriculum KS4

Why Logic is different

As a Year 10 student at Logic Studio School you will love learning, with a curriculum centred around tomorrow’s jobs. This includes:

  • Academic GCSEs, including all of the Ebacc subjects
  • Small class sizes – maximum of 24 at KS4
  • Qualifications in our specialisms – Business, Creative Media and Computing
  • Employer engagement, industry visits and projects based in the real world
  • A customised curriculum which recognises your abilities as an individual

Our Curriculum

You can use the links on the on the left of this page (or at the top on mobile) to find out more about what you will study in each of the subjects we teach.

More about our approach

In Years 10 and 11, students are generally set by ability, albeit in very small year groups. The maximum size for all classes is 24 – significantly lower than the national average. There is a strong emphasis on teacher-led differentiation and targeted intervention lessons for any student not progressing as they should.

We know teenagers work better at school.  We have responded to this by giving students 50 mins of calm, quiet work at the start of every day.  During this time they consolidate what they have learnt and every day starts with meaningful work and focus. It also means less arguments at home! PREP is at 9.10am and lessons do not start until 10.00 – which is scientifically proven to be better for teenage learning.

Our attention to student wellbeing and behaviour has been judged as outstanding.  Underpinning all students’ lessons and our excellent extra-curricular is a highly effective and unique personal coaching programme: all Year 10 and 11 students meet with a personal coach regularly to discuss their learning and ambitions and how they will achieve their goals. Every single student at Logic is an individual.

Every 6 weeks we have ‘Employer Engagement’ weeks. Normal lesson are suspended as students create video games, visit industry workplaces to meet mentors, learn how to debate and pitch business ideas. The activities are varied but aimed at making learning come to life and give our students the confidence they need to succeed.

Excellent relationships between staff, students and parents are at the heart of our school’s success.  Alongside two parents’ evenings per academic year and formal reports sent home, you will quickly build up a relationship with your child’s Prep Tutor.  We pride ourselves on regular friendly, open and honest conversations and staff will contact you with updates on your child’s progress.  We always celebrate success and  respond quickly and fairly when there are problems.

Careers guidance for young people should inspire and motivate them to fulfil their potential. One of the best ways to inspire every pupil is through the creation of real-life contacts with the world of work to help them better understand where different choices can take them in the future. Our CEIAG is outstanding and more detail can be found in the employers section of the website.

We pride ourselves on the support that is offered to students at key transition points. During Year 10 and 11, students receive talks through assemblies, dedicated career days and 1-2-1 interviews that start to get them thinking about their Post-16 options. We also hold a Year 11 Transition evening in September where offer advice and guidance to parents on this matter.

It is important that students are assessed regularly so that they are given the opportunity to apply their class-based understanding to the types of questions they will receive in external examinations.  In addition to in-class assessment there are also three periods of mock examinations.  These take place in June of Year 10 and  March of Year 11. At this point students experience the pressure of preparing for and sitting multiple exams in a short space of time.

The personal development and wellbeing of students is Outstanding. . PHSE and R.E is  delivered through ‘Employer Engagment weeks’ and our PSHE programme. There are numerous opportunities, from partaking in the democratic process, workshops, visits and keynote speakers and a range of activities around well-being, keeping safe, sex and relationships. These are reinforced by a weekly PSHE lesson at KS4. Our weekly assembly programme provides a series of rich, diverse and well-coordinated assemblies.

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