Logic governing body

Logic Studio School sits in Tudor Park Education Trust – a small family of schools working together to create opportunities and build strong foundations for the success of all our students.

Tudor Park Education Trust has 5 Members and a Board of 9 Directors who set the vision and ethos for all the schools in the Trust and ensure the overarching success of the whole family of schools. The Chair of Directors is Charlotte Warner- c.warner@tudorparkedcuation.org


There is a Trust Scheme of Delegation that sets out the accountabilities and responsibilities of Directors, the CEO, Governors and Principals.

Scheme of delegation updated 2018


Together we form the Local Governing Body At Logic.  We audit our skills as governors to ensure that we have the right mix of people and talent to best support the success of the school. We all undertake safeguarding training every year and three of us are trained in safer recruitment.  We have a Clerk, Rebecca Wilson, who takes our minutes and advises us of our legal responsibilities.

Below is a table of our Governors, their business and pecuniary interests which are updated live and attendance at meetings 2020-21.  

Type of Governor Name Date appointed End Additional role Employer Other Declared Interests – Live Updates Meetings (2020-21) Number attended
Co-opted John Ananga 07.07.16 08.08.20 Colwyn Technologies Employed by Colwyn – Trust Network Manager 4 4
Parent Vacancy
Co-opted Cormac Bourne 14.10.20 13.10.24 Chair of LGB

TPET Executive Board

Hounslow Education Partnership HEP Partnership Director 4 4
Staff Lottie Chettle 01.09.19 31.08.23 Director & Chair of LGB Tudor Park Education none 4 4
Co-opted Simon Cooper 23.03.17 22.03.21 Ascential PLC Trustee: The Great Initiative (Charity No: 2238151) 4 3
Co-opted Yousuf Joondan 04.12.19 03.12.23 CE, Birkbeck Students Union Park View (Feltham) Residents Company LTd  (10712049) 4 2
Co-opted Richard Jones 09.10.18 08.10.22 Vice Chair & Director of Trust Bryanston School None 4 4
Principal Alex Pett 01-09-21 N/A Tudor Park Education Trust Kentaro Koi (director of TPET) friend of 13 years

Director: Red Holly


Logic governors

Cormac Bourne – Chair of Governors

Since its launch in September 2018, I have been the Partnership Director for the Hounslow Education Partnership (HEP) – a school-led school improvement partnership supporting schools to deliver the best possible educational experiences and outcomes for all the children and young people of Hounslow. Driving our collective responsibility and ambition for their achievements.
With over 25 years experience working in media including the launching Haymarket Media Group’s content marketing agency – Haymarket Network – I am a senior executive focused on building long-term successful partnerships having worked with blue chip clients including Volkswagen Group, IAAF, The FA, CIPD, UEFA and London 2012.  I bring a solid background in strategic planning, financial management, project analysis and business assessment as well as being passionate about education and supporting the success of young people of all ages. I am currently the Chair of Governors at Logic Studio School and a governor at Crane Park Primary in Feltham.

John Ananga

John works for Gaia Technologies as the IT Manager for Tudor Park Education Trust.  Gaia is an IT Managed Service provider and has been providing IT support to Springwest Academy for over 9 years; Gaia is a main sponsor and founder partner of Logic.  He has over 15 years experience in delivering IT solutions within education and has built strong partnerships across education.  John works closely with teachers and students during work placements and as a governor at Logic is well placed to influence and develop future generations of engineers.

Simon Cooper

Simon is a chartered accountant with 15 years of experience within the financial sector, particularly within investment banking. After a BA in Economics and MA in Corporate Strategy & Governance from Nottingham University, Simon worked at Ernst & Young where he qualified as member of the ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland). Thereafter, he has worked in various roles within investment banking and is currently M&A Director of Ascential plc, a FTSE 250 business to business media company where he is responsible for all acquisitions, disposals and partnerships within the organisation.

Alongside his career Simon is a Trustee of GREAT Initiative, a gender equality charity based in London. Founded in 2010, it works with both men and women to tackle the root causes of inequality. He is a keen cyclist and squash player.

Lotty Chettle:  Staff governor

Lotty joined Logic Studio School in September 2017.  She teaches Maths GCSE and Level 3 Maths and history.  She also support our Yr13 who are taking the EPQ.

Victoria Griffin – Acting Principal

Victoria originally trained to be a teacher in Feltham 15 years ago as part of the Teach First programme.  She then returned as a governor, but always knew she wanted to return one day to work for Tudor Park in a leadership capacity.  Jay recruited Victoria into part of Logic’s founding team and since then she has been totally committed to supporting students as they achieve great things, whilst at times also overcoming huge obstacles.   In her role as Acting Principal she is determined to drive Logic’s success which is driven by the need to generate opportunities for young people by providing excellent pastoral care, enrichment opportunities and coaching alongside conventional academic courses and vocational qualifications.

Richard Jones:  Co-opted

Richard graduated from Nottingham University with a BA in Industrial Economics, before working in Energy Procurement. After three years, he retrained to become a teacher, spending 18 months at an 11-16 Business and Enterprise college in Basingstoke. Following that, he spent 6 years at an independent school in Surrey, four of those as a boys day Housemaster. He is currently in his fourth year as a boarding Housemaster at a co-educational boarding school in Dorset.

How does Governance work at Logic Studio School

Logic sits in Tudor Park Education Trust – a small family of schools working together to create opportunities and build strong foundations for the success of all our students.

Tudor Park Education Trust has 5 Members and a Board of 8 Directors who set the vision and ethos for all the schools in the Trust and ensure the overarching success of the whole family of schools.

How does governance work in our Trust?

Key Principles:

Each part of the governance structure is committed to the success of the family of schools in our Trust and wider partnerships.

Professional management and leadership of the schools is delivered by the education professionals employed by the Trusts.

Governance by all bodies in our Trust is about:

  • Setting and carefully reviewing the strategic direction
  • Ensuring that public money is spent wisely to give value for money and best outcomes for our children and young people
  • Determining and upholding the ethos and values of the Trust
  • Holding our educational professional to account for the standards, impact and performance of our schools
  • Supporting and encouraging the work of the schools and school leaders
  • Acting as ambassadors for the individual school and the Trust as whole

All parts of our governance are highly valued as together our work creates success at each level for our schools. The Board and Local Governing Bodies work collaboratively in partnership at all times. The Board will make decisions, following consultation with Local Governing Bodies, on matters which affect all academies in the Trust. The Local Governing Body will make decisions on matters which affect their individual academies. Local Governing Bodies and their Principals in the Trust should be as autonomous as possible and have as much freedom as possible in order to achieve excellence for their school.

There does have to be a primacy of decision making in any successfully run enterprise and a school, or family of schools, is no different. Therefore there exists the need for a Scheme of Delegation. Our accountability framework is strong and goes in more than one direction. The Board must take action, including the withdrawal or partial withdrawal of delegated authorities should any individual, group or Local Governing Body, fail to carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively.

The Local Governing Body at Logic Studio School

Governors have a term of office for four years. The full governing body at our school meets 6 times a year.   The evening meetings start at 6.30 pm and usually last for around 2 to 2 ½ hours. Three morning meetings a year start at 8.00 and last a similar amount of time.  The morning meetings allow governors to meet staff and students and see the school at work.

The main focus of the Governing Body meetings are Teaching & Learning alongside behaviour attendance and wellbeing. The function of the Governing Body is to support the Principal in leading a great school with successful outcomes for all of our students and staff. They work with the Chief Executive Officer of the Trsut to report back to the Board of Directors on how the school is doing. Governors need to play the role of a ‘critical friend’, challenging robustly where necessary, but always remembering that the Principal is responsible for the day to day running of the school.

Key responsibilities of Governors:

The Local Governing Body  holds the Principal and Senior Leaders of the academy to account. They work most closely with the professional leaders in their schools on behalf of: children, young people, parents and the community. Their primary concern is that their children or young people have a great experience at school and are well safeguarded. They ensure that progress is strong and targets are monitored, achieved and reported on to the Board. They represent the interests of pupils and parents to the Board and in turn hold the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board to account for ensuring standards of learning and welfare are kept high.

Local Governing Body’s RoleThe Three Ps


  • Recommend targets for achievement and the school development plan
  • Review progress regularly – ensuring progress gaps are closed or closing
  • Review curriculum
  • Review teaching for learning strategies
  • Monitor ongoing professional development of staff
  • Ensure performance management of staff is carried out and robust
  • Ensure SMSC offer is strong
  • Report to the Board


  • Monitor and review all safeguarding procedures – student welfare is of highest priority
  • Monitor the school site for safety and accessibility
  • Monitor the progress of Looked after Children, children with SEND and those on CP plan
  • Review all arrangements for ensuring health and wellbeing of the school community
  • Monitor attendance, punctuality and exclusions targets and report
  • Review transition arrangements and CEIAG
  • Monitor safer recruitment practices
  • Listen and respond to feedback from stakeholders



  • Consult with the Board in agreeing a funding model and review compliance at school level
  • Consult with the Finance Director in respect of the budget requirements of the school
  • Consult with the Board on the determination and allocation of central services
  • Recommend two governors to sit on the appointment panel for a new Principal
  • Appoint school staff as recommended by Principal / Head
  • Recommend new governors and LGB chair and vice-chair
  • Review the training requirements of governors and work with wider partnership networks on sharing best practice
  • Ensure the school and trust are represented in a strong network of wider partnerships to the benefit of the Trust and its wider educational community
  • Work with the Clerk of the Trust and the Directors to ensure that reporting and lines of accountability are clear
  • Proactively manage the reputation of the school within the community

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