Attendance Reporting

Our Expectation

It is vital that your child attends school on time every day. If your child is not in school it impacts their progress. We expect our students to achieve 97% attendance. This is the equivalent of just 6 days of education missed over the year.


Expected Attendance

How do I report an absence?

On the day and every consecutive days, you can report an absence by:
Phone call: 0208 831 3001
Ensure that you give your child's name, their registration group and a quick explanation for the reason of their absence.

What if I need to self isolate my child as a result of COVID19?

If anyone in your household has either a new, continuous cough, or fever your household should isolate for 14 days. Use the contact details above to notify us of the temperature of the fever or the nature of the cough stating that you are beginning a period of 14 days of isolation. Further information on our response to COVID19 can be found here. It is important that you distinguish between regular illness and suspected COVID19.

What if I know of a future absence?

Send an email at with as much details as possible and/ or any support documentation. Requests for term-time absences must be sent in writing for the attention of the Principal.

Do I need to provide evidence for an absence?

Yes, absences may only be authorised when supported by evidence. Authorisation cannot be made until the supporting documentation is provided. Please note that authorisation of absence is at our discretion.

Authorised Absences

  • Academy trips, visits
  • Interviews
  • Work experience
  • Hospital appointments
  • Emergency doctor’s/ dental appointments
  • Orthodontist appointments
  • Religious festivals
  • Funerals for immediate family

Unauthorised Absences

*Appointments must be arranged outside school hours whenever possible. Students are expected back in school after their appointment.

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