Exam Information for Candidates

Information for candidates

We are required to provide all candidates with access to clear guidance on rules and regulations surrounding exams. The guidance can be found by clicking the buttons. Should you have any questions or queries regarding this information then please contact our exams office Jane Peirce j.peirce@logicstudioschool.org

Centre Assessed Grades Summer 2021

The following information is made available in relation to Centre Assessed Grades in 2021. All students have been made aware of the following arrangements on which Centre Assessed Grade will be generated.

  • Coursework/ controlled assessments 10th March to 30th April - Graded work recorded. Clear mark schemes are required.
  • Internal Testing (Summative Assessment) 12th to 21st  May - Exam invigilators used and access arrangements given.  Teachers will be taken off timetable to mark all tests.  Clear mark schemes are required.
  • Internal Testing outcome data input onto SIMS by end of Friday 28th May
  • Half Term 31st May to 4th June - Trust Executive will perform high level review of data Thursday 3rd June 10.00 a. To 12.00
  • Department moderation and ranking Monday 7th June to end of day Thursday 10 June and Trust Executive to check data.
  • Friday 11th June TPET moderation 
  • Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th June back to Departments with any queries.
  • Wednesday June 16th - June 18th final cut off CAGS sent to exam board
  • June 21st - Samples work sent to the board at their request

The centre policy for Centre Assessed Grades can be found here.

Details from the JCQ on submitting an appeal can be found here. Please note that completed appeals forms must be emailed to j.peirce@logicstudioschool.org

Contingency Examination Date

Tuesday 29th June will be a 'contingency day' for all exam boards in the UK. In line with Ofqual's exam system contingency plan , this is an additional day at the end of the exam period.

All examination boards have included a contingency examination date this year.

This will be used if a significant, unexpected event arises nationally or locally during the exam period such that no students (or a large number of them) are able to take an exam when planned. Of course, we all hope there won’t be such disruption and that the contingency day won’t be needed. But students should be available throughout the exam period, including on that day, in case their planned timetable is disrupted.

Please be aware that you son/daughter needs to be available on this date. We will inform you in advance if we need students to attend on this date.

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