Our Team

What helps make Logic unique is the fantastic staff that work here. It is only right that we name check these heros that make a difference every day.

Our Team

  • Leadership

    Mr A. Pett – Principal
    Mr J. Cadogan – Vice Principal
    Mr C. Young – Assistant Principal
    Mr E. Palmer – Assistant Principal
    Mr R. Coles – Assistant Principal
    Ms S. Skafi – Assistant Principal

  • Business

    Mr R. Shah – Economics
    Mr D. Naidoo – Business
    Mr H. Allman – Business
    Ms R. Llewellyn-Omirin – Travel & Tourism

  • Computing

    Mr A. Asante – Computing
    Ms A. Shah – Mathematics
    Ms N. Stoddart – Physics
    Mr E. Chinyerere – Computing

  • Digital Design

    Miss A. Curry
    Mr P. Palmer
    Mr B. Young

  • Humanities

    Mr C. Walker – Sociology
    Mrs G. Lowrey – Spanish
    Mr C. Ovington – English
    Dr A. Studzinska – English
    Ms I. Khan – English

  • Support

    Mrs S. Bennett – Administrator
    Ms S. Comfort – Administrator
    Miss S. Smith – Administrator

    Ms M. San Sebastian – Coaching
    Miss R. Townsend – Coaching

    Ms D. Botha – SENDCo

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