Hello and Goodbye

This week has been an exciting one for all of us here at Logic as we have really been getting stuck into our induction programme. As part of this we welcome our new parents to the bulletin for the first time.

On Thursday this week we welcomed 115 students to our Step Up to Sixth Form programme. It was really impressive to see the commitment from these students embodying our Taking Action ethos.

In the evening we welcomed our incoming Year 10 Parents and had a successful evening sharing our expectations and beginning to build our relationships. This was followed today by our Induction Day for Year 10. I have been really impressed by how well students have thrown themselves into today.

Alongside this we have also seen a change of government. As is prudent, I have not only spent a long time looking into Labour’s education policy proposals (it didn’t take long) but also talking with other Headteachers both locally and nationally to anticipate what happens next. The collective view is that on the surface there will likely be little change. We know that there will be no more funding poured into schools, but out strong financial position mitigates an risk here. There is likely to be a review of the roll out of T-levels, but not a reversal. Again, we already have advanced plans on place here to support in the development of our own T-level programme. In conversation with our own local MP, Seema Malhotra (possible future skills minister) there could be a shift towards a renewed skills agenda (something as a school we are well set up for). Rest assured, we remain future focused and ready for what comes next.

Alex Pett

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