Setting the tone

Staff have continued to set high expectations for students at the start of this year and it is great to see our students rise to this challenge. Establishing good habits takes relentless effort from all involved. The difficulty is that the results of setting such habits are often not seen for many months. In some cases they are so incremental that it is only when students look back they realise the mountain they have ascended.

We have shared our ethos with all students; looking forward, looking outward, taking action. Through everything we do we want students to enjoy their time here, looking forward with eager anticipation to their learning. We also want them to look towards their future, realising that the work that is put in today will benefit them on their chosen career path. It is important that we are not blinkered to our current surroundings. We must look outward to the world of opportunity that awaits us. In an ever changing world those that stand still get left behind, this is why taking action is key. We can show students the doors, but they must be the ones to walk through.

We continue to look at how we can work closer with our local community, especially local businesses. We are hosting a breakfast for local employers, if you know somebody that would like to be involved please get in touch.