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PBL Week 1 at Logic School

PBL Week 1 at Logic School


Our final week before half term saw Logic students engage in their 1st PBL week of the year. In PBL Week, we give students the opportunity to be off timetable and participate in a range of projects, activities and trips. The main aim is to develop their ‘Professional Competencies’, the key skills we believe they will need for their future but we also want students to have fun and develop their knowledge of the world in which we live. 


As well as the different activities below, each year group also had the opportunity to undertake the London Scramble, a team treasure hunt in London focussing on the various landmarks of the city. This was a great chance for students to work on their problem solving and teamwork skills, while also developing their ‘Cultural Capital’ and knowledge of our capital city! 


Year 10


Computing Day

The excitement was palpable, the activities were set and the epic music started to play as the students lined up in the corridors to experience the new and improved Computing and IT day. After selecting 2 out of the 3 sessions on offer (Escape logic, 3D Co-Spaces development or Hardware investigation) students moved quickly into the 3 technically interesting areas for a morning of high octane challenge.

The students were excited to experience new challenges and demonstrated quickly how much of a capable year group they were my learning very quickly how to utilise advanced features within the Co-spaces development software or by listening intently to the guidance about how to remove and install system memory inside a computer and identifying a range of components found within desktop computers.

One of the special moments of the sessions was where our new Y10 students managed to top the scoreboard for the Escape logic activity and leave with massive ‘bragging rights’. This was exceptional. And with the shriek of excitement given by the Y10 winning team- it was clear a great time was had by all.


Work Experience Launch

As part of our Careers Education programme, Year 10 students had the opportunity to learn about potential careers sectors in their future, as well as take part in the launch of the Y10 Work Experience programme.

Students took part in discussions; completed activities linked to their skills and likes; researched potential jobs using Labour Market Information (LMI); and looked at the pathways into roles that interested them. They also looked at local companies that may be able to provide placement for them for their July Work Experience. 


Year 11



As we start thinking about exams later this year, it is also time for students to consider their Post 16 plans and what they would like to do after Year 11. To support this, all Y11 students undertake a transition programme that looks at the different options available. This might include Logic 6th Form, a local college, an apprenticeship or something completely different. Our view is that students should make an ‘informed decision’ about their future so we make sure they know all the facts before making that important decision. We have also delivered a series of Careers Taster sessions this week, as well as small group support for those applying to local colleges. 


History Scramble

On a lovely sunny Wednesday, we took our students to Whitechapel, London in order to raise our students’ cultural capital of the area and encourage our students to look outwards. We started the day by reflecting back on what the East End of London was like during the 1800s which links to our History, Crime and Punishment. We then spoke about how it has changed and how to look out for signs of regeneration in an area. The students then split into teams and had the challenge of finding historical points and points of culture. Highlights included the sites of the Jack the Ripper murders, East London Mosque, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, The Gherkin, Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Spitalfields. Students received extra points for trying new food and going into a museum for free. It was an excellent day all round as the students experienced places they had never been before.  


Year 12 


Thames Young Mariners

Year 12 spent an excellent half day at Thames Young Mariners where students were challenged out of their comfort zones in a series of fun activities including kayaking, archery and team building games. While kayaking, students had races across the lake, played a fast-paced game of water polo in kayaks and a game of zombies, which saw students trying to catch all the other participants, including teachers and “turn them into zombies”. The weather was lovely and added to the enjoyment out on the lake. The day was topped and tailed with a beautiful autumnal walk along the river Thames to return to Teddington lock for the transport home. A lovely way to end the half term!


London Scramble

The annual London Scramble scavenger hunt across central London took place on Thursday. The weather was not in our favour, but this did not diminish the spirits of the students who split into groups with their list clues and headed off to take selfies of them with various famous landmarks. Mr Coles’ school phone was soon buzzing with the selfies coming in to enter the competition. The group with the most points will win a prize in the first assembly back after the half term holiday. The competition is hotly contested at the top of the pack…