It is a jungle out there

I wanted to share with you a message that I delivered to Year 11 on Thursday this week as I feel it is relevant to students (and parents) in all year groups.

It is a jungle out there.  

Looking to the future, things can all to often seem a tangled mess. There is no clear path to the future, making progress requires hard work in cutting your own way through. Guides (in the form of teachers) can support you to recognise ways through, giving you the skills that you need to survive. Perhaps too often, it can seem like an overwhelming place to conquer, but conquer it we must.

There are only two types of animal in the jungle; the hunters and the hunted.

If you are not out their hunting success, failure will be hunting you.  

These may seem like stark messages, but the reality is that creating success takes hard work and dedication. We challenge our students to be at their very best each and every day. Being punctual, being prepared and equipped to learn, asking searching questions, focusing on developing understanding, being proactive, embodying our ethos, Looking forward, Looking outward, Taking action.

You can support your child, like us, by challenging them to always be at their best. This is rarely met with thanks from your child, so let me be the one that thanks you for doing all that you can to give your child a successful future.