Do you have a subject that you are passionate about and want to study further after your A-levels/ BTECs?

Maybe you are choosing your options for Y12 and want to understand what subjects and grades particular university courses would require.

Find some useful information on university applications below and use the UCAS widget to find helpful advice and guidance on the UCAS website.

With thousands of courses available and over 100 universities in the UK (even more if you are thinking of studying overseas), it can feel overwhelming when deciding what to apply for.

Use our ‘Applying to Uni’ pocket guide to help get you started. Some key questions to ask yourself when thinking about what course to do at University are:

  • What do you enjoy?
  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • Which subjects are you good at and which ones do you enjoy?

There are many different reasons that people go to university, it might be to further your study in a certain subject, because you love learning, because you want the experience or because you are focussed on a specific career.

You can use the Skillsometer to find out more about what careers might match your skills as a good starting point and the careersometer to find out more about careers you are interested in. This could give you an idea of particular courses at university that you might like to study.

Think about the courses you are doing now, and the grades/ subjects you would need to get in to your chosen University and course.

You can apply to up to 5 universities or courses.

Once you know the subject(s) you’d like to study, the best place to search for universities offering those courses is on the UCAS website.

All university applications in the UK go through UCAS. You can apply for up to 5 different universities. At Logic in Year 12 and 13, you will be supported through the application process.

At Logic Studio School, you may study BTECs, A-levels or a combination of the two. If you are studying the equivalent of 2 A-levels, you can go to university. Entry requirements will differ depending on the university and course and you can find this out on the UCAS website. Do your research.

If you are doing a mix of a-levels and BTECs, check the entry requirements for both qualifications to find out what you need.

Some degrees require you to have specific subjects so be sure to read ALL of the entry requirements to ensure you meet them.

Use the UCAS Tariff Calculator to help you.

What financial support can I get?

To cover the cost of university, everyone is able to get a student loan if you meet the following criteria:

  • Live in the UK
  • Right to remain in the UK
  • Been in the UK for more than 3 years at the start date of the course

Watch this short video and find out more about student finance on the UCAS website.

I haven’t been in the UK long enough for student finance support

If you have not been in the UK for a continuous period of more than 3 years, you might want to think about:

  • Gap year and applying when you meet the 3 year requirement
  • If you have the right to work, you might find a job before applying to university
  • Study for an additional year, if possible

Please speak to your Head of Year for more information and we will support you with options.

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