First off I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that supported our Open Evening last night. As always, our students did us proud and spoken incredibly well of their time at Logic. I am pleased to say that we saw record numbers at this event.

This week I have spoken to the staff about the importance of developing resilience in our students. As adults, this is something that we have learnt from experience. For our students it is something that must become a focus. In order to live successful and happy lives we must be resilient, not allowing minor setbacks to become black holes of despair. You can help us with this by ensuring your child has good routines and by talking to them about setbacks they have faced over the course of a day. Simple questions about how they feel, what they did at the time, what they would do differently next time and how big the problem is will help your child to build their resilience.

I am pleased to confirm at this time that following issues with our water supply, we have been assured the site will be open as normal on Tuesday. Thank you for bearing with us through this.

There is still a lot for us to get stuck into this side of Christmas, there is a raft of information below covering some key upcoming events.

Alex Pett

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