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Year 13 Activities for PBL Week 3 February 7th – 10th 2022

Day Activity Details
Monday 7th February Normal lessons Normal Lessons for all students
Tuesday 8th February Year 13 Reward Trip / Coursework Catch Up Day Start at 9.10am as normal. 

Finish at 1.40pm.

Students will have the option to attend a reward trip or will be required to work in school to complete incomplete coursework. 

Wednesday 9th February EE Day – Apprenticeship Job Fair and UCAS activities Start at 2.20pm

Finish at 4pm.

Students will participate in an activity based on their planned post 18 transition option with support from external providers. 

Thursday 10th February Healthy Living Day Start at 9.10am.

AM – Students will undertake a variety of workshops in the morning focussed on their physical and mental health and their personal safety. 

1.30pm – 3pm – Students will choose from a range of sport / recreational activities to participate in. 

The afternoon sessions are optional and students will be asked to sign up. 

Friday 11th February  School closed.  School closed for half term