The longest journey…

This week I want to share with you the work that has been carried out by a collection of our Year 12 students. Following a plea for help from the Local Authority we asked a number of our Sixth Form students whether they would be prepared to volunteer as interpreters in order to support families in desperate need. All individuals involved put themselves forward without hesitation. The feedback I have received about the conduct, compassion and professionalism of our students is simply astounding. Acts of selfless service such as these should be celebrated by our community. It is a testament to all that we stand for here at Logic.

In school focus is beginning to turn towards support for those in Year 11 and 13 entering the exam season, all for the first time. Over the coming weeks we will support students to develop the revision techniques that will see them secure success.

Revision is a habit and as such should become part of your child’s weekly routine. Now is the time that we are asking all students to dedicate time to study in the evening. To begin with, just 20minutes 2-3 times a week. The longest journey starts with the first step.