First week of exams

This first week of external exams has come to a close with many in year 11 facing a double header of Maths and Computer Science today and Year 12 have sat Travel and Tourism.

It has been utterly humbling to see the approach that all of our students are taking to their exams this year. We have talked many times about the need for students to ‘take action’ and we have seen this in spades this week. For every morning exam this week there has been a real sense of collaboration and teamwork amongst the students as the arrive from 8am for breakfast and a last minute revise. From feedback, it seems that things have started well and I know that Miss Chettle is very pleased with the prediction she made around the content of the first History exam!

Outside of this Year 10 and Year 12 continue to make sure they are in the best place for their exams by preparing well from the start. The focus that is shown by all is exemplary.

We welcome the directors of our Trust last week to meet with students in both Year 10 and Year 12. The comments that were made by the directors were simply fantastic to hear. They covered everything from work ethic to behaviour and attitudes. My favourite comment (perhaps rather obviously) was “The small school environment means you see all the staff all the time, however important they are and they all know you.”

Next week we look forward to PBL, but with a keen eye on ensuring our Year 11 and 13 students continue to be supported in their exams. A busy week for us and I am sure half term will be welcomed by all!

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