Parent Comms 18th Jan

Dear families, 

Thank you so much for the incredible support you have given your children whilst they have been learning remotely.  Year 11 attendance has already improved since last week and Year 10 have got off to a brilliant start with this week’s average already at 86%.  The sixth form lessons have been going really well too and their engagement is very high. Next week we will start celebrating the effort, attainment and improvement of our students, so watch out for something in the mail!

We have now given out over 60 mobile devices to support students with getting online and accessing lessons. Free school meal vouchers will start being paid directly to parents next week. Please contact us using the relevant emails below if you have any queries or questions regarding this.   

We are also pleased to announce that we will be running a food bank every Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12pm from the reception area at Springwest. This is for any of our families who need support over the coming weeks. Please come along if we can help and email us with any enquiries. 

Last week, I stressed the importance of students continuing to learn and working hard.  This week I would also like to stress the importance of getting online, just to be able to see and hear teachers and other students. This is a real help for our student’s emotional wellbeing while we are all stuck in our homes and away from our friends and classmates.  


Centre Assessed Grades

As you know, we have now been advised that we will have to provide grades for GCSE and A Level students.  We have been busy making plans to ensure students are well prepared for internal assessments when we return to school and have a chance to shine.  It is vital that your child engages with their remote leaning because we will be taking into consideration the following when submitting grades in the summer:

  • Attendance at lessons 
  • Engagement in lessons and hand in for work
  • Course completed
  • Exemplars of best work formally assessed
  • In school formal examinations marked and moderated GCSE exam board marking criteria 


This is the message to give your children:


All grades given by your teachers will be based on solid evidence and will be moderated by other teachers and across schools. We will continue to work very hard to ensure that you get the grade that you deserve.  You MUST continue to demonstrate to us both your effort and attainment.  You will have to complete your GCSE courses in order to qualify for a secure grade.



Useful Online Resources

To support your child’s online learning, we have included a list for GCSE subjects.  We will continue to update these each week and will get more for sixth form students in the coming weeks.

All subjects

  • Seneca Learning – FREE videos, quizzes and activities
  • Oak National Academy – FREE lessons for all subjects
  • BBC Bitesize – check which exam board you are doing and you will find resources and quizzes for all your subjects.  These can be found on the school website.
  • Tassomai – All students have this app on their phone, the school has paid for everyone to have an account.  Regular daily testing has been proven to improve grades!



  • English and Media Centre – have loads of online resources for free. You just have to create an account and then download. It seems as if you are buying them, but then the basket total comes up as £0.00. 



All students have been emailed a unique code she found in each of their revision guides so they can register an account on CGP and access an online version of the revision guide. Some have theirs at home for some reason…


Geography and History

For Y10 Geography, our new topic is ‘Development Dynamics’


For Y10 History, Nazi Germany:


For Y11 History, Superpower Relations and the Cold War:



Parent and Student Support

Please see the link below to the school website. Here you will find information about where you can get help as a student, parent or carer. This includes support for mental health, food banks and financial support.


We would also like to highlight the following that we may also be able to help you with if needed:

Free School Meals


Laptop and Phone Data Support 

  • The DFE has arranged with key phone providers to remove the caps for data charges and provide extra data for students who need to access online learning and resources. 
  • This request has to come from the school and requires a variety of information in order for us to apply for this (as below). 
  • If you need support for this, please contact with the relevant information and she will apply for you. It is not guaranteed that you will be successful with your application. 

For each request, we need to know:

  • the name of the account holder
  • the number of the mobile device
  • the mobile network of that device (for example Three)
  • Whether it’s a contract or Pay as you go phone. 

Free Sanitary Products

For female students who are financially struggling to purchase sanitary items, we are able to provide these via the school. Please email to discuss. 


Hounslow Council Website Help Page


Hounslow Children and Families Information Page.

NEW on Facebook

A new Hounslow Children & Families Information page is being launched this week on Facebook

This will be linked to the main Council Facebook page but provides a dedicated social media space to focus on items of interest to families, which is particularly helpful at this time when we are relying more on digital delivery and communication.

We hope that this page will become a rich source of information for families in the borough and welcome contributions from all partners on topics such as:

  • Events
  • Messages for families/awareness-raising
  • Service updates
  • Information on new services/facilities in the borough
  • Other information which may be helpful to families, e.g. videos, tips, ‘did you know’ etc.