Project Based Learning Week at Logic – read all about it.

Our 1st half term came to a close with students participating in a range of amazing activities, as part of PBL Week 1. PBL Weeks see students taken off timetable to participate in a range of activities including cross curricular projects, careers workshops and enrichment trips to develop our students’ ‘cultural capital’.


Year 10

  • On Friday, PBL started with a bang and an exciting trip to London for the annual London Scramble. This sees students split into teams to solve a variety of clues around London and is effectively a treasure hunt to see the tourist sights of London. Students were fantastic, really threw themselves into the day’s task and their behaviour was impeccable.  
  • On Monday, students took part in a ‘crowdfunding’ day, where they had to come up with a business idea, before creating a detailed presentation to preset to a guest business panel in the evening. Our students performed well in front our guests, fellow students and their parents and were a credit to Logic. 
  • Tuesday saw students focus on two our specialist subjects, with the opportunity to undertake workshops in Digital Literacy and Website Design. Closely linked to the Digital Media and Computing courses that our students study, the workshops gave them the opportunity to undertake practical projects linked to these courses, further developing their knowledge and understanding.  


Year 11

  • Day 1 saw students working on finalising key coursework linked to their Business Entrepreneurship course. This is a new course that focuses on students undertaking research  and practice in setting up their own business, and is completed with the support of local businesses. 
  • Day 2 saw students travel to east London to visit the London Olympic Park, as part of their Geography coursework which focuses on regeneration. Students got to see the changes that were made in preparation for London 2012, and the positive impact that these changes have had on the local community. This practical visit gave students the opportunity to see the real impact and is linked to a key part of their GCSE course. 
  • We ended the week with a focus on the future, and students potential Transition choices for Post 16, which come at the end of their GCSEs. At Logic, we believe that students need to make ‘informed choices’ and therefore encourage them to investigate all potential options for Year 12, supported by our staff. While we would love students to return to our 6th Form, for some students there are other opportunities that are more suited to their talents. 


Year 12 and Year 13

  • Students in KS5 are no strangers to PBL and we ensure they have lots of opportunities as well. This week saw a variety of workshops and visits for students including:
    • A Year 12 Team building visit to Thames Young Mariners. Students participated in a variety of activities including Kayaking, Raft Building, Archery and a challenge course. Despite the weather and the cold, the students were very positive and got stuck into the activities!
    • Year 12 also undertook a workshop around ‘Feltham Futures’, a project that looks at how students would redesign and develop Feltham to improve our local community. 
    • Year 13 welcomed Barclays Lifeskills and completed workshops looking at their ‘future skills for employment’ and their ‘online digital footprint’. The sessions were really interactive and gave students the opportunity to think about their future employers and career pathways. 
    • Year 13 also visited Brighton, again as part of our aim to develop student’s ‘cultural capital’. They had the chance to experience a new town, exploring the famous lanes, the beach and the pier.