Lateral Flow Tests Explained

Outlined below are details of the testing procedures that will take place on our school site. These Lateral Flow Tests give results within 30 minutes.


Arrive at out test site (Sports Hall) at the required time, follow the signage to the registration desk. Please member to keep socially distance and wear a mask.


Move to the testing station. You will be issued with a swab, this must be inserted up each nostril, turning for 10-15 seconds, to gain a sample.


Your swab sample will then be placed in a test tube ready for our team to carry out the test. This involves adding a small amount of a reagent before dropping this onto the test cartridge.


The test results are available after 30 minutes. Depending on the purpose of the test (see explanations below) you will either return to class or await your result in a designated area.

Routine Testing

On return to school students will receive a routine test (two tests, three days apart). Staff will be routinely tested once a week.

Serial Testing

If your child has been identified as having had close contact with a positive case of COVID-19 they will be offered the opportunity to have a daily test at the school for 7 days. If this returns negative they will be allowed to attend school as normal.

If you decide against this, your child will have to isolate for a period of 10 days.


Students are able to given their own consent for this testing.


Privacy Notice for Lateral Flow Home Tests click here to read.