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Key dates June 2023 Year 12

ear Parent/Carer,

RE: End of Year 12 Key Dates and Information

Firstly, let me begin by thanking you for all the support you have provided to your child and Logic School throughout this year. As a result, we have had a really good transition for students into Sixth Form and are confident that Year 13 will be a positive experience. 

Please read on for important dates and information about our end of year plans for Year 12. We have also provided a summary of each week overleaf. 

Exams – Week beginning Monday 19th June

Exams are taking place next week commencing 19th June for all students studying A Levels or those students studying for an exam unit in their BTEC. These will take place during one of the double lessons during that week. Overleaf is a timetable for each day of exams. All other lessons and independent study periods will take place as normal around the exams. 

Students should attend school as per their normal timetable.

End of Year Review Day – Friday 14th July

On Friday July 14th, all students will have a personal appointment with their tutor or another staff member to review the year and set targets for Year 13. Parents are expected to attend this meeting as well. The meetings will last for 15 minutes and take place between 9am and 1:30pm. Tutors will be making appointments with students over the next few weeks so please let them know what time would suit you best. There will be no other lessons on this day. Students should only attend for their 15 minute appointment, unless they have not completed all their coursework, in which case, they should attend for the whole morning to get this completed.

Last days of term

The end of term is staggered and will depend on whether students have completed all required coursework and classwork. In the final weeks, students will be getting “signed off” from each of their subjects if teachers are satisfied they have completed the Year 12 course. 

For students who have completed all coursework and classwork and been signed off from all subjects, the last day of term is Friday 14th July. Students who have not completed all their coursework or classwork will be expected to attend school on Monday 17th July and Tuesday July 18th July from 9am.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school via email on 

Yours faithfully,

Russell Coles

Head of KS5