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Key dates June 2023 year 10

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: End of Year 10 Key Dates and Information

Firstly, let me begin by thanking you for all the support you have provided to your children and Logic School throughout this year. As a result, we have had a really good transition for students from their previous school and are confident that Year 11 will be a positive experience. 

Please read on for important dates and information about our end of year plans for Year 10. We have also provided a summary of each week overleaf. 


Exams are taking place next week commencing 19th June. These will take place each morning and will be conducted formally in practice for next year’s GCSE exams.  Overleaf is a timetable for each day of exams, which will be followed by normal lessons each day. 

Students should arrive as normal for a 9am start and will finish as normal each day, with the exception of Friday 23rd June when they will leave after completing their exam at approximately 11am. 


Wales Residential

This takes place from Wednesday June 28th to Friday June 30th. Further details are enclosed in this envelope. A reminder that the students who ARE NOT going to Wales will attend lessons as normal during this week. 


Work Experience

This takes place from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th July. We have now placed 40 students and are working towards finalising opportunities for those remaining. Further information will be given to students in the next few days, including contact information, job descriptions and expectations. We will then support students in making calls to their placements in advance of starting. Please email me with any queries – 

End of Year Meet your Form Tutor Day

On Monday July 17th, all students will have a personal appointment with their form tutor to review the year and set targets for Year 11. Parents are expected to attend this meeting as well. The meetings will last for 15 minutes and take place between 9am and 3pm. Form tutors will be making appointments with students over the next few weeks so please let them know what time suits you. 


The last day of term is Tuesday July 18th with students in school from 9am until 11.30am. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school via email on 

Yours faithfully,

Rhiannon Llewellyn-Omirin

Head of KS4


Week Day Year 10
WB 19th June Monday English (then normal lessons)
Tuesday History (then normal lessons)
Wednesday Computer Science / Geography / Spanish then Business Exam P4&5
Thursday Maths (then normal lessons)
Friday Physics / Computer Science then home
WB 26th June Monday Jack Petchey Resilience Workshop – P1-7
Tuesday JP Follow up / Work Experience Preparation and Residential preparation – P1-7
Wednesday Year 10 Residential 

(Normal lessons for those not on trip)

WB 3rd July Monday Work Experience – all students off site this week
WB 10th July Monday Exam review Day 1 (incl Work Exp review in Prep)
Tuesday Exam review Day 2 (incl Work Exp review in Prep)
Wednesday English Speaking and Listening Planning and Presentations.
Thursday English Speaking and Listening Planning and Presentations.
Friday South England Lacrosse Day / Duke of Edinburgh 
WB 17th July Monday Meet your FT Day
Tuesday Last Day Fun