Christmas Message 2022

It would be fair to say that times are hard. Every day the media is filled with doomlaided stories about the cost of living, continual strike action, tragic losses of life in frozen lakes and icy seas. The world our children face is harsh; aside from domestic problems countries are at war and climate change has no solution.

Though we cannot, and rightly should not ignore these issues, we can shift our own focus away from the gloom and into the light.  This is why I became a teacher. Coming in to work everyday I am filled with a huge sense of hope about our future and the future our students are creating for themselves. I see students engaging positively with each other from Year 10 through to Year 13. I see students focus on their studies, aiming to better themselves everyday and always giving their best. I see laughter and fun, both in the classroom and in social spaces as students grow together.

Last week we were visited by a leader from the council responsible for developing a ‘Youth Skills Guarantee’, he was struck by just how confidently each and every student he spoke to could relay the steps they were taking towards a future destination.

We can easily forget just how much we have to celebrate and be thankful for when we find ourselves surrounded by negativity. My ask, of all of you this Christmas, is to be the light we all need to see in these dark times. Look for, and focus on, the things that bring you joy and happiness.

Thank you so much for your unending support for us here at Logic. It is truly appreciated.

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