Career Fear


With the drastic changes being made to the working world as a result of the pandemic, lots of employees are choosing to work at home rather than go into the office. Students looking to make the change from education to employment are seeing these changes and asking the question – What do I do now then?

Some students have chosen to take gap years or university courses due to the increasing difficulty of finding a job or apprenticeship during these trying times, afraid that their current work experience will not be enough to get into a job competing against those who lost their jobs due to Covid-19. Others are afraid of the instability in the working world, unsure that even if they get a job that they will be able to keep it. Students who were robbed of their last important years of education are being thrust out into the working world in a sudden blur. It’s scary for them and their future employers.

However, students shouldn’t actually be afraid of entering the working world as it recovers from Covid, as some schools are offering experiences and opportunities to allow students an easier transition. For instance, here at Logic we have been offering lots of virtual work experiences – allowing students to get a feel for the kind of job they want despite the restrictions of Covid. Lots of firms are also reaching out to schools and school leavers to provide these opportunities, not only to help the students but to help return stability to the working world. From this instability there has also been an increase in jobs in certain fields. While some job sectors may have reduced their demand for school leavers, companies who have thrived during Covid are opening their doors to many more students than before, offering jobs and apprenticeship opportunities that may not have been available before Covid-19.

So, rather than be afraid of applying for and starting their first job, students should consider taking the effects of covid in their stride, to show that they are hardworking and resilient, more than the generations before them. With the support given to them by schools, during their final years and after they leave, students have very little to fear. While the working world may be unstable, it will recover. And there will be a space for all students to find their place. 


Students at Logic seeking any type of work experience should talk to Carly Mole at her desk near reception, or via her email