A new term begins

After a long a restful summer we returned to Logic in August to celebrate the achievements of our students on both Key Stage 5 and 4 results days. As you may have already read in our news items we have seen some truly remarkable results this year. Students in Year 13, having sat external exams for the first time, brought home excellence. A week later we shared the success of Year 11 and are pleased that so many of them are choosing to stay with us into Year 12. We have welcomed a large number of external applications and are busy making final arrangements for the start of term.

Speaking of which, full details of our return can be read in out ‘Notices’ section of the main page on the website.

I spoke with staff today about the challenges that lie ahead of us this year, all external threats: the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, inflation, changing political leadership to name but a few. They are events that will shape us all in the coming months and years and will no doubt provide challenge, and at times stress, to us all. The message I delivered to our staff was about the need now, more than ever, to provide support for those around us. Be it our students and their families, or the challenges that we ourselves are facing, remembering we are here for each other will be vital. Kindness comes for free, but makes such a huge difference. It is a message I will reinforce throughout this year.

We will overcome, we always do. Besides, we have more important matters to attend to; namely ensuring that your child is supported to achieve the academic success and personal attributes that will see them a flourish in this new world.