Mocks are over, on to the next!

After two intensive weeks our final mock period for Year 11 and Year 13 is now over. A huge congratulations both to the students and to parents as well. I fully appreciate that these are times of heightened emotions and stress and regulating that at home is not easy. Staff are busy working away on marking papers and moderating with others before we will be in a position to feedback grades. Individual paper feedback will take place in classes over the coming weeks and grade reports will be produced for after Easter. 

Thank you to those of you that were able to attend our second coffee morning this week. It is lovely to have parents in the building and we are truly appreciative of the support that you have given to others at these events. Today, as we look ahead to Mother’s Day weekend we are welcoming a number of parents in for afternoon tea. Thank you again to those that made it to this event.

On the subject of thanks, a huge thank you to parents for attending our subject evenings for the previous two Thursdays. Communication between parents and home is so important to us and we really value the time you take to meet with us on these occasions.

Life continues at a pace here at Logic, so I apologise for the briefness of this message. Whilst we are on apologies, I would also like to apologise that in the last email I think both the subject and header were copied from a previous date. You have no idea how much this hurt my personal pride!

Alex Pett

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