Like Clockwork

This week saw us complete our third full week of teaching and I have been really impressed with the quality of the learning that is taking place across the building. Staff have worked hard to support students to achieve the high standards that we set and I hope that many of you have already received phone calls sharing your child’s success with us.

On Wednesday of this week I hosted a visit from 6 Civil Servants from the Treasury who were keen to understand our innovative approach to education. We spoke at length about the vital importance of careers guidance. Our visitors were stunned by the focus our students show and by just how articulate they are about their future ambitions. For us, just another day at Logic!

It will not have escaped your attention that school attendance is a hot issue in the news. My goal is for students find enjoyment with us at Logic and genuinely want to be here. The relationship between attendance and attainment is stark. As I shared with parent last night, last year, our Year 11 students with 95%+ attendance averaged 4.8 at GCSE. For those with an attendance of less than 90% this drops to 2.9. 95% attendance equates less than 10 days off in a year. We consistently post above average attendance compared to national and will work with you to ensure this statistic remains.

As a welcome treat I would remind you that all students are welcome to come to the Cyber cafe for a free breakfast every morning. This runs from 8.40am to 8.55am and includes warm drinks, cereal, toast, etc.

This is a bit of a mega email and for that I apologise.

Alex Pett

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