Firstly, let me apologise for the recent lack of official communication from us here at Logic, our focus on exam preparation has taken precedence at this time. I am delighted with the way in which the exams have been approach by all students; Year 10 last week we here late on Friday to complete their first Business exam, Year 11 have taken on a heavy week of Computer Science, English, History and Maths (it really is that relentless), Year 12 have had exams in IT and Business and those Year 13 facing A-Levels will be tested next week. All students are demonstrating their best and our staff are with them every step of the way.

Last week was Mental Health Awareness week, an area we pay particularly close attention to through our coaching and PSHE programmes. Being able to talk to others knowing that you will be heard, without judgement, is vital in supporting this. We work hard to remind students that freedom of speech comes with the responsibility to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. In this fast paced, digital world, our words travel with such speed they can sometimes, inadvertently, cause pain to those around us. We also remind students of the difference a digital switch off can make to their day to day lives.

As the weather continues to improve we would encourage all students to keep a water bottle on them to remain hydrated throughout the day. Unfortunately the building can become very warm during these months.

Finally from me, a huge thank you to you all for your continued support of what we do here at Logic. We have had a huge number of powerful conversations with parents during our recent engagement events. Outside of this, conversations on the phone have really supported the work we do here everyday.