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Alex Pantus

Alex attended Logic from Year 10 all the way through to Year 13, achieving both great results in his GCSEs and A Levels with us – thanking the quality of teaching and the one-to-one attention he received from teachers.  He has gone on to take a degree apprenticeship in IT for Ford. He feels that […]


This student studied at Logic from Year 10 to Year 13, performing well in both their GCSEs and A Levels, as well as taking the CompTIA course for IT, something that is hard to find offered anywhere else. They’re now going off to Warwick University to study Cyber Security, and are grateful to the teachers […]


This student attended Logic from Year 10 until Year 13 with us, scoring some of the highest GCSE results the school has had, as well as incredible A Levels. From this time they learnt key skills to progress in education such as attention to detail, how to handle criticism and resilience.  With these qualities and […]

Yukta Patel

Yukta joined the Sixth Form of Logic, coming from our sister school Springwest Academy with strong GCSEs. She came out much stronger from our Sixth Form with one of the highest Math’s A Level results, as well as good results in her Economics A Level and a Business Foundation Diploma. She has gone on to […]

Darius Boca

I am now an expert in all things computing


Alex Pett

Committed to improving education in the Feltham area

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