YR Work Placement report. Thank you to Genesis Investment Management for the opportunity.

Recently, one of our Year 12 students undertook a work placement with Genesis Investment Management in London. This was arranged herself, through the S4S Work Placement portal. This was a fantastic experience and we are very proud of the initiative she has shown in undertaking this opportunity.
“At my work placement with Genesis Investment Management, I was part of the IT team for the first half of the week and the second half of the week I was part of the Operations team. 
Over the week I had multiple meetings with senior members fo staff and I also got the opportunity to attend business meetings and look at some of the software that the company uses to increases efficiency of the Genesis team. I also worked on the company’s work placement share point, which will be used by the next work placement students. 
From my time there, I was able to develop my soft skills such as communication and teamwork skills. This placement also allowed me to gain further self-awareness as to what I want to do in the future. 
Most importantly, I enjoyed the placement as I was I got inspiration from Genesis team to develop on my personal presentation skills. This valuable experience gave me an understanding of the real working world and where I see myself in the future. This placement also allowed me to improve my employability skills for the future.”

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