YR 12 Logic students attend Girls Decoding Day

A number of Logic Y12 students were given the opportunity to attend the Girls Decoding Day at Accenture on Tuesday 3rd December. This was in conjunction with our partenership with Teach First. 
“They had an excellent day out at Accenture. They were put into separate groups – everyone working with unknown students from different schools – and together had to investigate clues, solve an investigation and present their conclusions. Our students worked very successfully in their groups; Yukta’s group being crowned best group of the day because of their teamwork and presentation. They took the opportunity to network with other students, work with a mentor from Accenture and ask meaningful questions in a panel Q&A with Accenture apprentices and graduates. Our students really enjoyed their visit; team-building with other schools, developing their confidence and working on an exciting project.”  Emma Worley – staff. 

“The day at Accenture decoding was extremely fun. I met a lot of new people all from different schools, different backgrounds and we were all split into groups with a mentor as we worked together as a team to solve a cyber crime problem. The employees at Accenture were super welcoming, understanding and helpful. This event has helped me develop my communication, teamwork and social skills.” Medora Faleiro – student