YR 10 make a profit from their Easter sale.

“All you need to do is make a profit.”  An easy statement but much harder to do in reality as proven by the 60% of small and medium size start-ups who fail to survive their first year.   Year 10 students at Logic were given the opportunity to design, market, make and sell their own products with an Easter theme to do just that.  Starting with class room planning of their idea and rapidly moving onto market research, budgeting, branding and marketing, the students then went into town to buy their supplies with £10.  Having already worked out their mark ups and margins, they arrived back at school and furiously set to making their products to sell.

From chocolate covered strawberries to rice crispy cakes and hot chocolate, the students set up their branded stalls and awaited their first customers.  The afternoon proved to be a roaring success with all groups repaying their £10 debts and making a profit (100% success rate).  The largest profit was £22 but most importantly much was learned about ‘real world’ business and everyone succeeded.  We are all very proud of the teams’ efforts and their focused, tenacious and driven efforts to win!