YR 10 have an adventure over the Severn Bridge in the Welsh countryside.

In our last week of term, we took our Year 10 Logic students on tour, across the Severn Bridge, into the beautiful Welsh countryside. An excellent time was had by all, as students were taken away from life in Feltham, showing great resilience in tent building and team work activities, fantastic attitudes in paintballing and surfing at Porthcawl beach and terrific positivity at Barry Island – the home of the sitcom Gavin and Stacy. Students also undertook either their Geography fieldwork with a focus on rivers, or an enquiry into Norman castles in preparation for next year’s Crime and Punishment unit for GCSE History. Students conducted themselves with real credit and represented the school superbly throughout, even on late night beach walks through the cowfields!

As we return to Logic, and draw the curtain on another fantastic academic year, we wish our current Year 10 crop a fantastic summer holidays. When we return in September, it will be all systems go in preparation for GCSE’s as we welcome the students back to school as Year 11’s.