Year 10 visit Sky Academy

In order to promote “Safer Internet Day” 20 of our Year 10 pupils visited Sky Academy for the day.  They took park in workshops which made them really think about all of the dangers that people face on the internet.

They also took part in a number of group activities which built their team work; their final product was brilliant!  Each member of the group contributed and shared their ideas which were then put into their final video, with students taking on the following roles: Cameraman, Producer, Director, Editor, Scriptwriter and on-screen interviewers/interviewees.

Students used the new and updated Sky Academy studios to produce their own creative video, combining the facts they had learned throughout the day with their video-making skills.  They were also lucky enough to question a panel consisting of Dr Linda Papadopoulous, Will Gardner (CEO of Childnet International) and Gavin Williams (Co-CEO of Quander). We also got to chat with Carolyn Bunting who is the General Manager at

The students had a great day at Sky Academy and learnt how to stay safe on the internet, as well as picking up cool tips on how to make the very best video!