Workshop at Richmond Theatre

A  group of Year 12 and 13 students got to spend the day at Richmond Theatre participating in a number of workshops related to working in all aspects of the theatre industry. There were a range of activities for students to try and all left with a helpful insight into the different roles, and potentially some ideas about what they would like to do when they leave Logic. One of the most exciting aspects of the day was when our students took over Richmond Theatre’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They were tasked with the job of generating interest for an upcoming play and really enjoyed being able to see their ideas seen by thousands of followers! The marketing team were really impressed with the creative ideas and one of the workshop leaders, who was also a theatre director commented on the professionalism of our students.

“I enjoyed the day as apart from performing I never realised how many other job opportunities there are in a theatre like Richmond. I also never thought I’d get to sit in a box or some of the other most expensive seats in such a grand theatre, having a sneak preview of the Frankenstein set was brilliant and a few of us are going to go and see it now (probably not sitting in a box though!)” Miriam Year 13.