Students rewarded for hard work at GCSE

Our students have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure their success at GCSE. Seeing the resilience of our learners in these trying times reminds us that achievement occurs in the face of adversity.
Staff matched the work ethic shown by the students to not only set the assessment material, but also to meticulously mark and moderate the performance of their students. Our headline measures have remained stable with 75% of students achieving 4+ in English and Maths and 45% at 5+. Our Attainment 8 figure has also remained broadly unchanged at 48. With no national dataset at this point Progress 8 figures cannot be reported.
Individual performances have seen Lara Ashour securing 9’s across both English Language and Literature as well as History; Bella Lee going further than this by adding a 9 in Geography too. Though the focus can all too easily fall on the highest achievers, success looks different for us all. Fahmi Mohammed, Lubna Asif and Mohamed Syed all out performed the aspirational targets set for them by over 2 grades on average.
We look forward to a bumper day of enrolment as we see our students take their next steps with us.