PBL Week 3 – February 2022


Just before February half term saw Logic students engage in their 3rd PBL week of the year. In PBL Week, we give students the opportunity to be off timetable and participate in a range of projects, activities and trips. 

The main aim is to develop their ‘Professional Competencies’, the key skills we believe they will need for their future but we also want students to have fun and develop their knowledge of the world in which we live. 

We also dedicated a day to look at key ‘Healthy Living’ issues that affect our students within the local community. 


Healthy Living Day for all students


We believe that it is really important for our students to know how to keep themselves safe in our local community. As well as our PSHE and assembly programme, we have set up this day to allow our students to spend time with external experts looking at real issues within our community. The sessions included talks from the St Giles Trust which focussed on exploitation; Brook Healthy Relationships; HYPE drug awareness; a mental health talk with Dick Moore; Online safety; and a session on ‘making the most of your free time’, again focussing on relaxation and mental health. 

In the afternoon, students were able to participate in a number of different fun and relaxation activities including e-sports; board games competitions; watching a film; as well as basketball, football and weight training. 


Year 10 and 11


Speed Networking


We invited 25 business partners, university ambassadors and alumni into Logic to meet with our Y10/11 students to look at future career opportunities. Students were in small groups and got to spend 5 minutes with each person to learn about what they do, their pathway to their role, career requirements and hints for the future. It gave our students a really good insight into the potential opportunities they could have after their time at Logic. 


Number Day


Years 10 and 11 took part in a fun and active treasure hunt in which they had to solve a series of mathematical clues involving number, algebra and geometry. They had to work in pairs within a given time frame, some students were able to complete this before their time was up and achieved extra points through bonus round activities. The treasure hunt also enabled students to work on life skills of communication, resilience and teamwork. Rewards were awarded for those students who demonstrated these skills the most throughout the task. It was pleasing to see so many students actively taking part and working well together. Even when their trail of answers was incorrect, they showed their resilience in going back to the clues and working their way through again. Students enjoyed taking part in an activity that wasn’t the norm of classroom based learning and being able to work with their peers.


My Bank 


Year 10s and 11s were given an exciting opportunity to delve into their personal finances and find out how to better manage their money. MyBank facilitated as students used case studies to understand how tax, national insurance and pensions affect income; this really helped our students to think about how different incomes are managed. Throughout the morning, students were given opportunities to speak to the experts at MyBank in order to demystify the world of personal finance and to pick up some helpful tips! 


Year 10


Visit to St Mary’s University

Year 10’s were given a great opportunity to visit St Mary’s University to explore the realities of going to a University. They took part in a tour of the grounds, saw how students live their day to day lives and had the opportunity to participate in a workshop about overcoming adversity. The students gained valuable insight into University life from the student representatives and learnt skills they could apply to their own lives when faced with adversity. It was a great day out enjoyed by all! 


Games Design Day


The Year 10’s had the opportunity to put their Business, Creative Media and Computing knowledge to practice. Students were put into small groups, and had to create their own board game from scratch, using market research developed from playing and experimenting with board games. The project manager of the group had to ensure that their team was collaborating and sharing ideas for their final presentation. They finally pitched their idea to the rest of the year group, for their start up funding.


Year 11


L Factor


Year 11s put their creativity to the test on Wednesday of PBL by spending the day creating wonderful video resources for their revision. Their creations were then shown to a live studio audience in the L Factor. We were lucky enough to have our very own celebrity judges Simon Cowell, Louis Wash, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue in to select who would win a coveted Nando’s voucher! The competition was fierce and we enjoyed watching videos covering everything from the rise of Nazism to quadratic sequencing. Year 11 were wonderfully creative in showing their knowledge of the curriculum and were able to create some revision masterpieces!


Logic Presentations


As part of our school focus on oracy, Year 11 took part in creating their own 2 minute presentations on their ‘Life at Logic’. Students were introduced to the art of giving presentations, how to create professional presentations and were given time to practise and refine their presentations. Year 11 then had the opportunity to give presentations in front of their year group. This was a lovely opportunity for them to reflect on their time at Logic so far and what they would still like to gain from their school journey. 

Year 12 Projects




As part of our school focus on developing oracy skills, Year 12 took part in a debate for the day. Students were introduced to the structure of Mace debating, as well as key terms and ways of writing speeches. Then, we introduced the motions of ‘This house believes that ‘vaccinations should be made compulsory’. After careful planning and research, students were assigned teams for the final debates. We had some heated and thoughtful arguments around covid and freedom of choice!




The Year 12s spent the day integrating their Games Design, Digital Publishing, IT and Business (Marketing)knowledge together. They were given a project (ULEZ), and they needed to rebrand the current marketing campaign whilst developing their inter-departmental collaboration. Each student had a specific task to complete, and the project manager needed to ensure that all departments were positively collaborating and working together successfully. The Y12s developed their cultural capital, by learning about beyond Feltham, and had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to their peers to grow their public speaking. 


International Trading Game 

The Yr12 students spent the day in teams, each of which acted as a separate ‘country’ without any information about what to do. They had to discover for themselves what was going on with the only information that was given was the objective: To make the most amount of money possible. Countries compete against each other to ‘manufacture’ paper shapes (circles, triangles, rectangles, etc.) and sell them to an international commodity market trader at posted prices, which vary with supply and demand. Students learnt a range of intra and interconnected links to a variety of subjects and cultural capital reference points. At Logic, we believe that shaping our students to have a broader understanding of the world is paramount to making a well rounded individual, readying them to make a swift transition into the next stage of their life.


Feltham Futures 


The Y12s split into groups and spent the morning as “urban planners” coming up with ways to regenerate Feltham and make it an even better place for future generations. They had to problem solve and consider things such as budgets, environmental factors, land use and government policies in order to come up with new facilities in the area. Students did a fantastic and thorough job of planning and came up with brilliant new ideas such as a mental health centre for new people, turning the duck pond into a family friendly park with new facilities and new entertainment venues for young people and families.


They worked collaboratively to achieve their goal and developed confidence and oracy by presenting to staff at the end of the project.


Logic Computing 


A new selection of students were invited to create and design a showcase event which would promote Logics specialisms across the local community and across other schools. Ideas had to be well planned and all team members were expected to exemplify the logic professional competencies throughout the day. Students produced detailed plans that would enthuse others to take part and learn new skills, compete against other schools within innovative competitions and provided the structure in a carefully orchestrated way for the Logic specialisms to create intrigue in their planned activity. Again, the level of focus and professionalism exhibited by the students was outstanding and the time taken to create and document an excellent presentation based on their ideas was tremendous effort. Fantastic session by all – well done!


Year 13


Year 13 Reward Trip


As a reward for hard work in both coursework and exams, year 13 visited Gravity activities centre in Wandsworth. Students took part in Go Karting, Bowling, electronic darts and indoor crazy golf. It was a great day out and a much needed relaxation at the end of a long term. Students are now focusing on planning for completing their coursework and revising for their upcoming exams.


Year 13 Apprenticeship Fair with BIFA


This year, Logic students have been developing relationships with local logistics firms, as well as the UK trade union BIFA. The long term aim is to develop employment pathways for our students who wish to move into an Apprenticeship or employment on completion of Year 13. This event was a massive success with employers and students both coming away having learned a lot from the afternoon. It was great to see so many students really making the most of the opportunity, asking the right questions and getting ‘noticed’ by the visiting companies.