Mock Interviews

Wednesday saw the school welcome a number of visitors to give our year 12 students the opportunity to practice their interview technique.
In year 12 every student has the opportunity to apply for an employer engagement pathway in games design, accounting and finance, business, travel and tourism or computing. The pathways are designed to give the students opportunities to experience the working world in their chosen pathway. In order to mimic a real application process, the students have submitted CVs and will have an interview for their chosen pathway.
Volunteers from business, universities and the apprenticeship skills and knowledge organisation were here to interview the year 12s in preparation for their pathway interviews next week. Students were very engaged and reported that it was very useful for them to have this practise. Some have never had interviews and were very nervous, but having the opportunity to do this gave them more confidence and feedback to help them improve.
Students then reflected on the experience by logging it on to Upskill Me. By using this platform they will create a sort of digital CV showcasing all of their experiences and skills which than can share with prospective employers in the future.
Good luck for the pathway interviews next week!