Logic Yr12 look at environmental re-design of Feltham

Logic staff wrote an exercise last year to challenge our students to re-design the future of Feltham, given changes in technology and social expectations out to 2060.  With all the news about our futures from an environmental perspective, the challenge was redesigned and focused more on just the environmental changes Feltham might need moving forward.  The areas considered by our Year 12s ranged from transport to waste management and recycling – not something your average 17-year-old ponders about in their spare time.

We gave the teams a short, sharp introduction and challenged them to produce an evidence-based presentation and handout in 4 hours.  The renewable energy generated in brain power alone could have provided us with energy security for at least 10 years!  In true Logic style, 4 hours passed and our students amazed us with some fantastic presentations and evidence-based arguments which would have put some town planners to shame.

Well done teams and it was hugely heartening to see how much you genuinely do care about the environment you have inherited – great work!