Logic visits BNP Paribus

An early start into London saw seven Logic students making their way to BNP Paribus’ Headquarters in Marylebone.  BNP Paribus is a multi-national investment bank with offices in France, London and Mumbai.  The company had already worked with the students on team building, commercial awareness and getting women into finance, specifically within the IT domain, at our location in Feltham.  However, this was an opportunity for the team to work with their opposite numbers at the main London location and get a tour of the offices and facilities of a major player in world banking.

The tasks varied from ice breakers building card towers to presentations and coding challenges using Microbits.  The BNP Paribus staff were immensely impressed with the effort and determination shown by the Logic team and are very keen to run the challenge again next year.  All in all, a win/win for both sides and an opportunity which has hopefully inspired some financial whizz kids of the future.