Logic Employer Engagement Induction Programme

As we approach half term, our new Year 12 students are reaching the conclusion of their Logic Employer Engagement Induction Programme. This has seen students undertake a variety of activities to help them settle into Logic, while also preparing them for the start of their EE Pathways which commence after Half Term.

These pathways are designed to allow students to specialise in one of five specialist industry areas: Creative Media; Business and Events; Finance and Accountancy; Computing Network Professional; and EPQ for UCAS. Once assigned to a pathway, students will follow a bespoke programme that focuses on key skills, projects and experiences that are linked to those specific careers. Students have the opportunity to undertake projects with specialist businesses; complete work placements and internships; visit businesses across London; complete accredited courses; and develop key employment skills.

In order to help identify the pathways that best suits each student, we have delivered a number of different activities over the last 6 weeks. These have included:

  • Team building activities onsite, as well as a visit to Thames Young Mariners.
  • Workshops with external support looking at Post 18 options, including information on the local job market
  • Taster sessions in the different pathways we offer for students to try out
  • Application, CV writing and Interview sessions.
  • CV writing ‘review’ with external business partners
  • A ‘mock interview’ with external business partners.

We have received some really positive feedback from some of the businesses who have worked with us in the last few weeks:

“The students I have worked with have always been really well prepared and engaged in all the activities.  They were particularly good in their mock interviews and showed a lot of maturity and understanding how to best present themselves in an interview scenario.  Future employers are sure to be very impressed.” Jo Robertson, London Borough of Hounslow

“Working with students at Logic is really inspiring! Whilst they may start quiet and shy, they have huge ambitions for their future. If we can help their awareness on the pathways available to them through working with Logic, then that’s great! Adelle DeSousa, Founder, Hire Higher