ISG/ Sky Labs – careers in construction

On Thursday, 7 of our students got to visit the Sky Labs construction site with ISG. They got to learn about the different careers in construction from architects, quantity surveying, marketing to digital teams that use game design technology to build digital representations of a project. This opened their eyes to different options within an industry that most thought would consist mainly of trades such as plumbers/ electricians etc. There are so many options in construction and ISG have different pathways available in the form of graduate programmes, internships and apprenticeship programmes.
After donning their hard hats, students visited the construction site and were able to ask questions about the materials used.  Pine has been a large feature in the construction due to its sustainability when compared to oak. They also got to see first hand how the building has progressed from the original concept design (and also how many TV screens there will be)!
It was an eye opening tour of an impressive building and interesting career opportunities that go beyond what most students had thought.