Industry visits

Logic Studio School Year 12 students have enjoyed visits to a wide range of employers to further their knowledge of the employment market and see how the ‘real’ world of work functions.  A range of activities took place over a three-week window including visits to Premier Inn, Allianz, Octink, Expeditors, BA and FBFX.  We also managed a visit at the beginning to Kingston University where students were informed about choices and student finance.

Each of these business offered different but unique insights into their respective specialities and none more so than FBFX just around the corner on Feltham Business Park.  A special effects and costume design company, students got to see the suits worn by Superman and Batman, one student had his head digitised into 3D and others took great interest in the Wonder Woman armour from the recent movie.  BA and expeditors were more logistics focused and really gave students an understanding of the effort needed to move ‘stuff’ around Heathow and the penalties incurred if not done correctly.  Premier Inn focused, as expected, on good levels of customer service and the immense scale of operating a fast-moving airport hotel, with all its moving parts.  Finally, Octink and Allianz saw trips more into London with a view on the Business to Business side of markets.  Octink, a design company, showcased some of the opportunities in the corporate space, while the highlight of Allianz was listening into the customer service lines to see the reality of what actually happens when an insurance company takes phone complaints.

All in all, these visits went well and have really given students a better idea of why we focus on the Employer Engagement piece in Logic and what opportunities exist for them when they finally get out there in the labour market.