Enrichment at Logic

Logic Studio School has a Tuesday and Wednesday enrichment. Tuesday enrichment is a day of the week in which the students can chose and enjoy a sport of their choice. For example we have a large variety of sports such as weights, cycling, virtual fitness, basketball, Boys football, girl’s football and table tennis.  Students are allowed to choose because then they feel comfortable and they don’t feel forced into doing a sport they do not feel comfortable in doing. Our enrichment schedule and idea is significant compared to other schools in the borough because it’s the student’s choice. This means that the students get to experience other sports instead of one. This also allows students to develop skills for example I used to do yoga as enrichment which allowed me to develop focusing skills and stress management.   by Leah Tillyer (Year 11 student)

Enrichment on Wednesday in Logic Studio School of a large variety of activities for example: cooking, maths, film, fashion, 3D modelling, science, Gaia, basket ball and logic newsletter.This is the different things we offer on a Wednesday from 3:40 to 4:45. We do this to help students to create new skills that they can add to there already tuned skills from the previous enrichment’s they have done. One student said that writing articles for the schools newsletter helps them achieve a journalistic look into the world.   by Lara Marsden (Year 11 student)