DHL visit and the chance to look at career options

On Monday 12th December, Year 10 visited the DHL head office near Heathrow. The students threw themselves enthusiastically into a range of activities designed to get them thinking about their future career options and their own strengths and weaknesses.

The morning started with an interactive activity around the job market and how this is changing and adapting in the digital age.  Then, they negotiated within their groups to create a diamond of essential skills they felt were needed in the workplace.  They scrutinised CVs and thought about the kind of experience and personal information that should be included when applying for jobs.  Perhaps the most valuable part of the day was when we were given a tour of the building.  Students had the chance to meet some of DHL’s top people, including the CEO!  The jobs these people do were put into context when successful apprentices spoke confidently about how they had applied and got jobs at the company.  Some were only a few years older than our students and already have bright futures ahead of them at this supportive company.  Lots of students were surprised at the number of different roles available.

We wrapped up the day with a group project in which they designed an app’ for teenagers about post 16 education and career choices.  The winner was the ‘Jobopoly’ group who designed a board game style app’ which rewarded hard work and wise decision making.