Congratulations to our first ever Year 11- a great set of results.

We are thrilled with our first set of results and are confident that this will put us up with the highest performing 14-19 schools in the country.  85% of all our students achieved a good or better pass in Maths. Our performance in our specialist areas of Business, Computing and Creative Media were very impressive and it’s great to see that when students follow a specialist industry based pathway they can achieve. Of particular note was Jagdeep Panesar who achieved 8 Grade 7s or higher, despite being predicted to underachieve when he started with us in Y10. It was also heart-warming to hear of individual progress and success stories from students  who have struggled in their previous schools, including Connor Morris who having left Reach Academy gained 8 Grade 5s or above.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all our students and their teachers. 65% of students achieved a good or better pass in English and Maths which provides a secure foundation for their continuing education. We are delighted that many of our students will remain here in the Tudor Park Sixth Form.

Headline figures:

4+ in Maths – 85%

5+ in Maths – 55%


4+ in English – 73%

5+ in English – 48%

4+ in both subjects – 65%

5+ in both subjects – 38%

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