Meet Shannon – DHL’s Logic Icon


NAME: Shannon Gurney

JOB ROLE : Sales support, DHL



What is the difference between work and studying?

There is much less support, and no-one to run to and say ‘quick, help me out’. You have to take a great deal more responsibility for yourself.

What is the hardest thing when starting out in the workplace?

Confidence. When I first started at DHL talking to people and asking for help was really hard, I really didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t know what I was doing. The business side of things was really hard too, simple things like writing an email and using spreadsheets to make my life easier, and abbreviations which I had no idea what they meant!

What do you wish you had known at 16?

That the A-Levels I was choosing had little relevance to working life and that they weren’t going to help me be successful in my career. Whilst I learnt a lot, I wish I could have learnt a lot more about the business side of life. Whilst I try and have no regrets, I also wish I took life a little more seriously when I was younger!

Would you study at Logic Studio School?

Definitely. The tie up between school and career is fantastic and it is clearly focused on career support and not just A-Level support. This is what I needed, giving me experience and most importantly confidence for when I started work.

What does DHL bring to Logic as one of our major partners?

DHL has a brilliant experience of working with young people, apprentices and graduates. It is a great company for giving career support and experience and helping you find a place and a direction. I also hope that I can be a role-model to students at Logic, and give honest advice about careers and not just advice that ‘ticks the boxes’. I will be an ear to listen to, and be able to understand it having gone through it myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Haha…no idea. Hopefully still at DHL, having developed into a new role. However now I’m not worried too much about the future…I know I have the confidence and skill set to succeed.

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