Year 10: How will I learn?

We have a different approach to teaching at Logic – meaning you will learn more, through ‘doing’.  The curriculum is ‘lifted off the page’ of textbooks and taught by project-based learning.

Think of it as ‘active learning’ – you’ll be set actual research projects to investigate and report back on, rather than just learning the theory from books.  Not only will you learn more, you’ll also be gaining relevant skills that will actually be of use, when you start work.

And because sitting in a line in front of a teacher just isn’t relevant, we’re set up more like the modern workplace than a traditional school – with boardrooms rather than classrooms, along with ‘workfloors’ and research areas. It’ll be a better place to learn.

What does this mean?

  • Computing – making a website from scratch, and designing apps to help a local business to develop its services.
  • Events – plan a corporate event, from budgeting to booking venues.
  • Business of Sport – devise a marketing plan for a football team to generate more revenue.