Happy early Easter

Last night I had the privilege of being asked to open a Gala Dinner for Hounslow’s Promise. At this event I spoke of the important role business and industry must play in supporting the education of our young people. Through this we all benefit, our courses gain realism and relevance and employers are able to shape the talent of the future.

We currently have 4 students in Year 12 participating in a mentoring programme though Hounslow’s Promise. As part of this they were also invited to attend this event yesterday evening. I am so proud of them for being such wonderful ambassadors for Logic and speaking to so many people from so many different backgrounds. Providing students with these sorts of opportunities is such an important part of what we do here at Logic and I am always pleased when students take up such opportunities!

As this will be my last email before the Easter break I would like to take the time to thank you for all you do to support us here a Logic. As a reminder, we have a shorter Easter than most schools, returning on Thursday 11th April. Our reason for this is both to ensure that students preparing for exams have as much time with teachers as possible, but also so that hard won learning habits are not eroded by the break.

Alex Pett

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