Project Based Learning: Creative Media

Project-based learning weeks are a great opportunity for our students to apply their classroom learning in challenging extended projects, which test their problem solving, teamwork and technical skills. Last term Year 10 students worked on a two-day video making project, to apply their BTEC Creative Media skills in practice, making a 60 second promotional video for the school. On day one they completed pre-production planning – analysing the brief, assigning roles and using storyboards and shot lists to plan their shoot. Then over the course of the afternoon they filmed footage all over the school, including green screen shots, interviews and scenes capturing a range of school life. Students then broke out into groups to attend masterclasses in areas such as editing, writing press releases and producing movie posters. On day two, each team’s editor worked for the entire day on editing the footage into a finished video, aided by two visiting industry professionals from the school’s partner company Gaia Technologies Ltd. The resulting videos display a range of sophisticated editing and narrative techniques and are a credit to the students hard work over the two days.